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Product Management Consultants

No matter where your product is in its life cycle, HMEi  can help you move it forward without wasting money, time, or opportunities.

Hello, my name is Doug Hudiburg, Founder of HMEi and product management professional.

HMEi is a professional services company that provides ‘concept-through-completion’ product product management services for clients who are mostly in the healthcare field. We help our clients create, launch, and manage incredible products.

HMEi Helps you Manage the Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle Stage 1: Discovery/Feasibility

Define who, why, what, and where — who wants the product, why they want it, what the product might be, and where can it be positioned in the market.

Define the problem(s) and conceptual solutions. Define the target market and user needs and evaluate the market and business opportunity. Evaluate risk and estimate development resources required to create the product. Evaluate the feasibility of designing and manufacturing the product.

Go/No-go decision on investing the resources required to develop and validate the product.

Product Life Cycle Stage 2: Development/Validation/Pre-launch

Create the product. Confirm with customers that the product solves the problem. Confirm that the product can be made and delivered at scale. Prepare for launch, including successful alpha (one) and beta (multiple) customer implementations. Evaluate the efficiency of customer acquisition and retention.

Go/No-go decision on investing the resources required for customer creation stage.

Product Life Cycle Stage 3: Customer Creation

Commercial launch. Process & business model refinement. Continue to evolve, improve, and refine the product. Develop and support the sales systems and infrastructure to acquire customers with an ROI > 30x customer acquisition cost. Positive cash flow.
Go/No-go decision on investing the resources required for growth and expansion stage.

Product Life Cycle Stage 4: Scale

Drive sales growth aggressively to maximize growth and profit. Expand through new markets and line-expansion product development.

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